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Camp Indigo was founded on the belief that trans and gender diverse

kids deserve a 'normal' summer day camp experience. When so much of a child's life is based on educating others and trying to find their place in the world, Camp Indigo is what childhood is meant to be: fun, friend-centered, and full of wonder. 

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Camp Indigo

We're Andrew and Katie - Founders of Camp Indigo and lovers of all things summer! We've had such a blast growing up with our camper families over the past 9 summers and modeling what life, love and parenthood can look like for our kids. 

We. love. camp. There is nothing quite like singing "Rattlin' Bog" at the top of your lungs, wearing your favorite hot pink sequined jacket, and laughing your guts out with 150 kids who are here for the same reason you are - to play, to connect, and to experience real joy.

Our Core Values

Lead with Yes

A yes means forward momentum. It means proactivity and care. It

means doing all we can to bring joy.


Joy in Everything We Do

This is a summer camp after all! Play and the joy that comes from play

can (and should) exist everywhere! We - as trans people especially -

deserve it.


Invite Each Other In

Respectful conflict is an act of love. It requires timely dialogue and

trust. We don't call each other out - we invite each other in.


Community Above All Else

Everything we do is for the good of the community. Honoring our

intersectional identities, protecting spaces for our most marginalized

campers and staff, and celebrating the magic that is being trans are all

foundational to the success of this program.

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